The year, 2019 has been a roller coaster and I can’t help, but share all that I have been up to, since this year started with y’all. Hence, this post and The list below is a summary of how life has been so far in 2019;

  1. BOOK: I am currently reading this book; “How to make friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie and I have been able to apply most of the principles learnt, while I read this book in my daily life and my communication/relationship with people has been better/great . I will recommend this book for anyone, looking forward to making new friends and becoming a better person/leader. It’s a great read.
2019 first trimester

2. WORK: It has been pretty amazing and a whole lot has happened so far; My favorite colleagues left and moved onto a better/their dream job. I have been appointed to take up new/tasking roles, but baby girl is still pushing. Messed up my latest seminar presentation; I wasn’t prepared, lol. Above all I have been showing up on a daily, irrespective of what life throws at me and this has helped make me a stronger/better person, which I am very grateful for.

first trimester recap friends

3. FRIENDS; I am a fan of keeping the circle very small, just because I think friendship is more about acceptance and at some point, you might have to give some friends up, to remain sane regardless; This is not about keeping grudges or whatsoever, it is about regaining sanity. I must say; I haven’t really made new friends lately, but I intend to apply the principles learnt from my current read; so I am looking forward to making new and amazing friends, before the year runs out. I am “Thankful” for the few I can gladly refer to as friends though.

first trimester recap event

4. EVENT: Hollup! Hollup!! Hollup!!! I collaborated with The Graciella Initiative , a Non- govermental organization that advocate for the girl child, to give them a voice, empowerment and the education needed to thrive in present day society; to bring about this event on “sex transmutation” and I am thankful to Grace Anuforo for always supporting and coming through for me, women and girls out there, to support our dreams, visions and ambitions. Pribodunke was the guest speaker and she did justice to her topic, on how to manage finances, set money goals and invest. So glad I was able to connect with like minds and also discuss various topics, related to women; courtesy of my 26th birthday.

first trimester recap skin

5. SKIN: I was diagnosed of Pityriasis Versicolor; A common fungal infection that causes small, discoloured patches of the skin. “Nizoral shampoo” was recommended, during my consultation with Dr Bello of skin_care365 This shampoo worked the magic on my skin, even though I curved it at first and decided to make do with other medicine recommended; which did not have much effect, like I expected on my skin. It didn’t last more than 3 days though, but now I have a finally solution to my recurring skin infection.

6. MAKEUP: I got myself makeup products, mostly from amazing made in Nigeria brands; This is a reward to myself, for working hard in these past months of 2019. I used most of these products in creating this Look. My favorite product/addiction right now is the zaroncosmetics black gel liner and this beaut retail for just #2,500 and I got mine from Makedabeautyhub in Ibadan. The zaron cosmetics black gel liner can be used for the under eye, to create beauty spots and many more magic, the icing on the cake is; This badass dries down matte. It is one of the best I have used in recent time.

 first trimester recap song

7. MUSIC: My current favorite music is “Oyi” by 2face Idibia. I have not updated on new music/songs though, but this jam is still standing strong and wining on my unupdated playlist.

8. FASHION: My newest fashion addition is the “Black Mule” that I got/bought from a friend. To own a black mule has been on my wish list for a very long time and I am glad to own one finally, which is so comfortable and can be referred to; as my favorite go to fashion item.

2019; first trimester recap inspiration

9. INSPIRATION: I am constantly inspired everyday by who I am; I see and do things differently, amidst everything happening in my life and environment; I try to protect my sanity, without being intimidated. The fact that I see myself as being enough and capable of attaining greater heights is also my inspiration. Every woman, doing amazing things selflessly is also my source of inspiration.

2019; first trimester recap places

10. PLACES: I visited paris_bakery Ibadan the other day, not my first time though and I had 3 flavors of their ice cream; snickers, almond and yogurt, amidst a variety of options available. This whole package with the waffle is for less than #2,000, did I hear you say “amazing”???, exactly, how I felt the first time I visited too. The price, ambience and a variety of options to choose from, makes Paris bakery Ibadan my go to ice cream store.

I am looking forward to much more amazing/fun moments in 2019 and I cannot wait to share more/all with y’all; considering the fact that I intend to smash more blogging goals this year, than I have in the previous years.

What have you been up to and how much of your set goals have you been able to smash/achieve??? Above all, how is 2019 treating you???

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