I am glad to be back on here and truly reconnect with y’all; Thank you all for sticking with me on my blogging journey. I hope to be more consistent this new year, 2019. I am sharing details of my scar and preaching self love because I have refuse to allow my scar, define who I am.

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Sometimes in December 2016; I had an accident on a motorcycle that left my left leg with a scar. Being light skinned and also as a midi skirt/gown lover, people tend to stare at my leg often and wear a pitiful face, whenever my face comes in contact with theirs. I felt bad anytime/every time this happened, back then. It got to a point I stopped putting on everything/anything midi, but one day I found back myself and regained my confidence, since then; Life has never been same again, simply because “I AM NOT MY SCAR”.

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I am accountable to whatever I have become as a result of my scar, therefore I refuse to be controlled by people’s pity and their definition/opinion of what my scar is or should be; “I AM NOT MY SCAR”.

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Hey beautiful, you are not your scar and you cannot control what people think of your scar but you can regain your confidence once again, just like I did, by constantly reminding yourself; “I AM NOT MY SCAR”. The earlier you understand this, the better.

I hope this post/ my scar story inspire you, to tell your scar story and also serves as a constant reminder about self love, so as to live/rise above your scar.

Do you have a scar, that has hindered you from living your best life? How are you living your best life with your scar?


  1. Saintdupsie says:

    My growing up was filled with many scars ranging from infection to trouble making scars. Somehow it never really bother me because I don’t allow people to define me. Even when I was advised to be wearing trousers for cover up I stuck to my short skirt.

  2. Lara says:

    You are not your scar! Beautiful words and I’m happy you’re where you are now. I know people out there who have scars also need to hear this ♥️

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