It is no longer news; we are all travelers on earth and surviving layover is a thing to consider, being World travelers/adventurers, but obviously not everyone has reached a perfect/final destination. Apparently, my destination is not same as yours, the only similarity is using the same travel agency ; This is the reason why  we won’t stop traveling and exploring as human in a bid to seek purpose, clarity and peace. Did I come across to you as a poet, with my previous line, that was just me showing off the poet in me.

Do you know you can survive long Layovers following these steps?

  1. Read a book: You can never run out of your own comfort, with your favorite/right book whenever you are on a journey. Reading will help you unwind, while you wait to get back on your journey/flight. Dale Carnegie “How to meet friends and influence people” will be a great company during your layover and will also help you network/meet new people.
  2. Window Shop: It is fine you are on a budget and going out of your budget is a disappointment to your inner self I know, but how about window shopping to know the prices of your favorite/luxury items, to fantasize while you keep saving up to have them all to yourself.
  3. Network: Make new friends, during your layover; Your network is your net worth, you never can tell who your new friend is, better still you won’t be able to measure what you can learn from your new friend, till you get talking. Don’t be shy to say hi/start a conversation.
  4. Take a Walk: You are visiting a new city/town, you never can tell what you might/have been missing; Reason why you have to explore your present location, during your layover. You might be so lucky to bump into your proposal destination (laughing out loud), funny right? Walk around; be sure of what the city you are having layover looks like.
  5. Research your destination: Do you know you can tell/write a great deal, about the place/places you are visiting, just by doing in depth research on them, during your layover. Doing this will help you get familiar with the environment/discover fun places you can pay a visit to.

Lastly, you need to travel using a competent travel agency. This is why discovering right about now is so exciting, because you can get cheap flights to New York and also be sure of their competency/services. Where are my New Yorker’s? It is time to play it smart on a budget, while you have the best time of your life traveling the World.

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