Ramadan 2018 (Hijrah 1439) is almost coming to an end, so I decided to share my journey with y’all. The first 12days were pretty amazing because I was home and had enough time to myself; Read and listened to Quran, went to Arabic school, ate and had a lot of sleep/rest. The next 6 days witnessed my monthly menstrual period and engagement in Non-Governmental events. It’s the last part of the 30days Ramadan duration and I am back to a routine of having to get up every morning, sometimes past 7.00a.m, to return back home at about 5p.m (not an exact time). It has been a real hustle; The struggle to stay awake in the midnight for du’aa, suhoor and the discipline to get myself to sleep early.

Ramadan-Guide List-Graphics

This list below comprises of everything/ My every day life during Ramadan 2018;

  1. Taraweeh: This is a special prayer I go to the mosque to observe every night during Ramadan, 6 days of my monthly menstrual period and the first stressful day back at work exempted.
  2. Suhoor: I consume mostly swallow and draw soup or bread and tea, during this time and always make sure I finish up with my meal before the first call to prayer for Fajr (First Prayer of the day). You can also check Foodiedame for healthy meals to have during suhoor and Ramadan in general.
  3. Quran: I returned back to Arabic school lately and this has aided my Quran recitation(4 chapters per day) and also listen to 6 verses of the holy Quran.
  4. Sleep: This is a part of me that I take seriously during Ramadan. It is forever and always a saving grace/escape for me, except for the fact; I am mostly outdoors these days.
  5. Du’aa: It is important to seek God in the holy month of Ramadan, this is an opportunity to pray for myself and loved ones. I do this even when I am not observing salat or nafl.
  6. Sadaqah: Giving alms in the holy month of Ramadan to people and the less privilege is another thing I love to do, as commanded by God and laid down by the prophet(S.A.W). This is not limited to Ramadan period alone, give alms whenever/however you can.
  7. Mouth breathing: It is advisable to brush before and after suhoor, better still and a must for me; Before suhoor and also before heading out every morning. Allowing air into ones mouth, during the day before Iftar is also a good practise to keep breath fresh.
  8. Iftar: This is the Evening meal eaten every day during Ramadan, usually when sunset and in time for the 4th prayer of the day (Magrib), to end the daily fast. The meals I eat during this time include; Rice, moi-moin and fish, bread, eggs and tea, yam and eggs or noodles and egg, after having fruits; apple, bananas and oranges.
  9. Clothes: I am lover of everything free, like Bubus, Maxis ,abaya and Kimor during this period, so as to prevent tempting the opposite sex by my outward appearance (This is personal to me anyway).
  10. Makeup: You will mostly see me out and about without makeup, during Ramadan and even when I decide to apply makeup on some days; I love to keep it all subtle and neutral.

P.S: Eid is usually a day after the last day of Ramadan, to celebrate and worship Allah(swt) for sparring our livesĀ  during the holy month and I am just here looking forward to this day and low key planning my eid outfit, pretty sure I am not the only one planning and anxious about this day.

Share your Ramadan journey and Eid plansĀ  with me and also let me know your thoughts on mine.




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