This is a guest post and a whole new category but you can also check my previous post. My guest today on the blog is Tene Edwards, a poet, writer and the author of walk with wings . Y’all need to stop by her instagram page: @teneedwards to catch a glimpse of her awesomeness but while at that; Here is what she has to share on the blog with us;

Tene Edwards guest post

Life is not perfect and I admire the women who emphasize this, by admitting their weaknesses and setbacks. Oprah Winfrey and Lisa Nichols are one of many successful women who lead by example, through affirming that true strength of character is revealed when a person recognizes and acknowledge  their failures, yet has the persistence and determination to keep moving forward.

Tene Edwards-air your dirty laundry

Not everyone is comfortable with talking about their life struggles and I accept that, because that was once me. Growing up I was taught never to air my dirty laundry in public. However, the truth we share about where we come from, who we once were and how we got to where we are today, may be the only light others need, to drive them out of their darkness.

We are living in a society that pressures us to pursue perfection. There is nothing wrong with striving for excellence, as long as we understand that perfection is simply unattainable. Trial and error is inevitable and absolutely necessary for personal growth. William Jordan states that ‘mistakes are the growing pains of wisdom,’ and I couldn’t agree more.

Tene Edwards-Don't fake strength

It takes courage to be brave and strength to be honest.

Sharing my writing on social media has probably been the most uncomfortable thing I have ever done. Before this, anyone who has ever known me would have most certainly described me as a closed book but, the role models of whom I look up to and the women who have appeared on No Ordinary Woman Chat Show, who have admitted to challenges that they are facing in their business, have taught me that life isn’t always about pleasing yourself and that sometimes you have to do things for the benefit of others. Therefore, airing some of your dirty laundry should not be seen as a weakness, but rather a strength.

Focusing on my purpose has been challenging and revealing pieces of me has never been easy, but it has brought me all the happiness and validation that I need. We tend to resist admitting our mistakes because we are afraid that other people will think less of us, but in actual fact, experience has taught me that this is how respect and trust is earned.

Mike Quigley; a US Representative, once said, “Opening up the Capital dome and giving the public a look at the inner workings of Congress–however messy they may be– certainly won’t be pretty. But trust isn’t earned by showing only your Sunday best. The dirty laundry has to be aired too.”

Tene Edwards-Know yourself

Now, i’m not telling you to spill out all of your failures and life struggles on social media or into the public. All I am trying to stress is, don’t be afraid to own who you are, don’t be afraid of what people may think of you. For you are not perfect and none of us are.

As Adowa Ramsay, rightfully states in Episode 4 of No Ordinary Woman Chat Show “We need to stop comparing who we are because every situation calls for a different person…”

Thank you so much Tene Edwards, for this amazing piece. You are a perfect definition of a rare gem. I hope this post inspire you to air your dirty laundry, without fear.

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