This is an exciting new post and I am really happy to share these tips with y’all. It’s been a while I put an inspirational post up and I am so glad to write on “Anger Management” in this category. Whenever I look back on my journey; I am always thankful, on how I have been able to overcome anger and control my temperament.

Things infuriate me a lot, maybe not easily but I really do get angry and tend to react to other people, base on the anger I carry about. I gave anger the freedom to control me, instead of taking over and be in control it. I made anger ruin a lot of things, especially the period between my angry mood and getting back to normal.

Made the decision to study myself one day, considering the fact that; I get to hurt people around me and also put my feelings over theirs, whenever I am angry. I spoke to my inner self and we had a great conversation that led to freedom. Why do I keep giving anger, the opportunity to control me?. When I can always be in control of whatever makes me angry.

I became addicted to the following tips,in a stride to be in charge of my temperament;

  1. Listen Attentively: I became a keen listener; The good about this is, you tend to digest most, if not all that is been communicated. Even, if anything comes up during the discussion to infuriate you, there is always a lesson to learn from whatever it is and this way, you are able to convert what is meant to provoke you, into a “Lesson”.
  2. Respond to Anger Reluctantly: If eventually you got angry, something gets at you finally; How about keeping mute and not respond when infuriated?. Let things pass/skip, like it never happened at all. This way, whenever you decide to talk about it, you won’t be in an angry but a normal/calm mood.
  3. Smile: Eventually I started smiling more and I bet you can too. Smile at anger like it never happened nor existed. A times People will be so amazed, at how you handle anger and even say to your face; it is not funny. Don’t stop smiling, they can barely understand, you found a new strength. Most time these days; I intend to smile things off, that’s if there is something like that though. Notwithstanding, you have a new strength and this way, have control over what use to be in control of you.

Take control of your anger; Your ability to control your temperament, is the greatest level of maturity

I became free because I found ways to manage anger and control my temperament. I hope this post inspire you; To control, manage and overcome whatever it is that has taken negative control of your personality.

What has been in control of you, negatively? How did you overcome the situation?

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