This is a new category and I am indeed happy, to share what it is about with you all. Did you read my return back to the blogosphere post?. Please, stop by to read and accept my apologies. In this category I will be discussing and showcasing Nigerian beauty and fashion brands. The first Made In Nigeria brand I am discussing is Od89collections, they deal in handcrafted wears and accessories.od89collectionsI am in love with everything OD89collections makes and stand for. Simply because everything about this brand speaks Africa with volume, the fact that every of their products, ranging from slides, to accessories, beret, hair bonnet, bags and lots more are all handcrafted, makes them one to look out for in the market. Truth be told; I love everything I have seen and come across from this brand. Have you seen their page on Instagram; @od89collections, then you need to stop by and shop all of these amazing products from them biko( The Nigerian Ibo girl in the me, came to play as usual).od89collections-slideThis is my favorite slide from them and literally I rock this particular one, everywhere I go. The edge and confidence this slide gives me, whenever I am out with these slides on, gives me goose pimples. The compliments I get, not mentioning the number of people that literally want them from me is overwhelming. These slides are everything, from been affordable,to comfort, durability and maintenance; I can boldly say you have it all at your feet, better still on your leg, laughing out loud.

od89collections-denim slide

I am happy to say that; As Nigerians, we put in a lot of work in our crafts and it brings me joy to see a lot of amazing Made In Nigeria products in the market. I cannot wait to share so much more with you all.


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